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About us

The L4G portal provides a safe environment for gamers to easily and securely conduct their virtual assets trades.

A short story of Loot4Gamers origin

Loot4Gamers was created by a gamer, after experiencing challenges and issues related to trading on monopolized platforms without any alternatives. Monotonous farming of necessary resources was boring, but more boring and unpleasant was a realization that available platforms do not cover all needs that our gamer had in mind when willing to sell or buy virtual goods.  

Loot4Gamers is an alternative platform for virtual values e-commerce, that can turn gameplay into a real passion with cool excitement of real power, might, and action!

At Loot4Gamers, all founders are passionate enthusiasts of engaging online games. So that we're not forced to play games in a way that we didn't have the time or desire to (only getting goods without real action), we came up with this marketplace of virtual goods to move the fun to the next level. 

The goal of Loot4Gamers is to create a trusted, fun, secured and safe environment for quick exchange of goods that is helping to game instead of making boring.

What is L4G?

Loot4Gamers is a player to player marketplace aimed to help players from all around the world to sell or buy virtual goods or services for any online game. Our main goal was to create a modern platform that would be safe and convenient for both buyers and sellers. We have implemented a variety of features so that buyers can be confident that they are purchasing from a trusted source. You can check the reputation of each user, his trading experience, account level and other necessary information to ensure the best shopping experience. In addition, users are assigned with different rank levels, depending on their activity on L4G.

Main benefits for buyers:

  • 100% safe and easy ordering process - with our protection system, it's nearly impossible to get scammed. No more risk of losing money for dishonest sellers!
  • Advanced search engine for offers - we provide a variety of options that will help you find exactly what (and how much) you want.
  • Direct contact with the seller during the entire process of transferring virtual goods via the built-in chat. 
  • Convenient methods of delivery.
  • Mediation services provided by the platform owner. 
  • Many payment methods.

Main benefits for sellers:

  • Possibility of reaching customers from all over the world.
  • Chargeback protection.
  • Direct contact with the buyer during the entire process of transferring virtual goods via the built-in chat. 
  • Providing various discounts for buyers, depending on the purchased amount.
  • Simple profits withdrawal.
  • Mediation services offered by the platform owner.